"Financial Liberty through Financial Literacy!"

We've all been there before.  You just want this day to get over with so you can hang with your friends.  Youve had a hard enough time staying awake (luckily you didn't get caught during 5th period, right after lunch), and now you have just one more class to go.  You hear that there is a "special guest" from the bank who is going to "teach" you about personal finance.

She's pretty enough, but she doesn't seem that bright.  She's barely older than you are, and you know she still lives with Mom and Dad herself.  Worse, you get the same response to every question you ask her:

"Why don't you stop by the branch and open an account?  While you're there, we'll BOTH find out the answer to your question!"

Is being young and above average in looks good enough to qualify her to teach you anything?  But wait, that's only part of the problem.

Above is a map of all states where some form of financial education is mandatory in school.  Click on it to get to the source document.  Where is your state when it comes to financial education.  Mine is bright white, saying California doesn't believe personal finance education is important enough to teach in school. 

No surprises when you realize that California is also the state where many people on wellfare cash their checks at casinos and strip clubs.

So, Miss Banker, what is the answer?

Not good enough.  Wil Stanton has worked hard to give you a better answer.  Click on his name to learn more.